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Dalcroze Solfege Resources

Dalcroze was both a prolific composer and a prolific author. Many people are surprised to learn that he published more than a dozen complete volumes on how to teach his method. Today, few authors writing about the Dalcroze method refer to these texts, largely because they are almost entirely unavailable. As I have the time, I intend to post photographs of these original texts (the copyrights have long expired) as well as my translations of them so that they may be more widely available to those studying the Dalcroze method.

In addition, I'm posting some of my own writing on the Dalcroze method -- based on my readings of Dalcroze's writings and my studies with a host of Dalcroze teachers (including, alphabetically: Bob Abramson, Anne Farber, Herb Henke, Stephen Moore, Lisa Parker, Marta Sanchez).

Enjoy, but please note that these are all in draft form at this point. Please do not redistribute these further, but refer others here, as I intend to revise and refine these in the future.

Greg Ristow, July 08.

Dal-who? Your What? (An introduction to the Dalcroze method that I wrote when I was asked to give a presentation on it to the Houston Tuesday Musical Club.)

An Introduction to the Solfege Pedagogy of Emile Jaques-Dalcroze (The first paper on Dalcroze solfege I wrote; after a closer reading of his solfege volumes this needs some revision, but for the most part I'm still pretty happy with it.)

Les Gammes et Les Tonalités, Le Phrasé et Les Nuances (Scales and Keys, Phrasing and Nuance), Volume 1 (This is the first of three volumes of the same title; it contains the most extensive writing Dalcroze ever did on how to teach ear training.)

- Introduction & Chapter 1
- Chapter 2
- Chapter 3
- Rules of Nuance (Compiled from throughout volume 1)
- Simple Melodies for the Application of the Rules of Nuance (Incomplete... working on it! Most of these need to be completely typeset again due to the yellowing of the original text.)