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6/19/10 - Moved News/Updates from front page to a news specific page.

Old News:

4/20/10 - Updated login scripts; added a "remember me" option at login, by popular demand.

4/1/10 - March had the highest volume of visitors/pages viewed since Musical Mind was launched. Thank you to everyone who's recommended and linked to the site!

3/24/10 - Per popular request, you can now select your level on the piano ear trainer.

3/11/10 - Added guestbook/comments to each ear trainer page.

2/28/10 - Rewrote guestbook (trouble with spammers on previous version; added captchas and escape catching). Updated the high scores page so that newer scores are listed first (in the event of a tie), and that each member is only listed once for each applet (even if they have, say, the top 4 scores total). If time allows, I'll be adding a chord quality & inversion drill sometime in the next couple of weeks.

4/6/09 - The midi routine rewrite is complete. I've updated all applets! Once you've quite/restarted your browser, you should notice a great improvement in efficiency/speed of the applets. (However they may take longer to load on Windows machines... a tradeoff.)

4/4/09 - I am very close to having finished a complete rewrite of the MIDI subroutines; this involved creating a workaround for the Windows default java instalation, which does not come with a soundbank. In my test runs I'm very happy with the performance of the new approach -- the MIDI lags that had existed before are entirely removed. It will take a few more days of testing before this is totally solved, though.

4/1/09 - With the latest Java version, applets are crashing after the 25th (maybe 26th) MIDI call, with the error "Failed to allocate larger thread table." I'll rewrite MIDI again this weekend... argh :)

9/4/08 - Teacher/Student functionality now works. Register as a teacher to track your students' progress, or select your teacher at registration (or from 'My Musical Mind: My Account Settings' at any time) so that he/she can view your progress.

8/24/08 - High score tracking now works under firefox! (And hopefully _all_ browsers.) Homepage has a new layout with images of the applets (a picture's worth...)

8/17/08 - New account management options under "My Musical Mind Menu." Working towards a system to allow teachers to track their students' progress...

4/21/08 - New Applet! Trichord Interval ID plays 3 notes at once, you have to figure out the interval between the upper two and the lower two. This is super-difficult. Good luck!

4/20/08 - Bug fixes: fixed bug that sometimes prevented the next note or notes from playing. Updated interval applets so that the same question is never repeated twice in a row. Updated interval applets so that each level has approximately the same number of questions for each possible interval (raw chance sometimes meant certain intervals were omitted in levels).

4/5/08 - All of the online drills now track your high scores; the server communication code has been completely rewritten to require fewer calls to the server (increasing the processing speed at the end of the levels).

4/5/08 - Fixed bug in Piano Note ID applet that sometimes made it impossible to answer when starting a new level. Fixed level select bugs in both interval applets. Added timeout to applets so that they won't hang if the network goes unavailable while trying to process high scores (downside: if this happens, the score goes unrecorded...). Fixed bug in interval applets that allowed users to advance levels & increase scores by pressing the key for the last right answer over and over after the level ended.

4/3/08 - View your high scores with My Musical Mind, or see the All Time High Scores.

3/30/08 - You can now create an ID and login to track your progress. Currently only the Interval IDs and One Note Piano ID applets use this feature, but soon this will be extended to the other applets and more functionality to view your progress will be added.

3/23/08 - Try the new Note ID on the Piano speed drill!

Coming Soon:

Don't worry, I'm constantly dreaming up new ideas for drills -- it's just a question of how much time I have to program them. Coming in the near future are drills to identify the quality and inversion of triads and seventh chords, speed note-id drills, and versions of the current drills where you play the answers on a piano keyboard instead of using solfege or the staff. In the more distant future (probably not before mid-May) I hope to develop a full set of drills to work on hearing functional harmony.

Obviously rhythm is completely neglected from these pages -- and it probably will be for the forseeable future. Sorry!